Welcome to the Admissions Department of Angels of Assisi. Please review the following information before requesting an appointment from our Admissions team for relinquishment of your pet. We provide a wide array of free and low-cost tools and resources that serve as alternatives to pet relinquishment in an effort to keep pets in homes and out of shelters. We hope that you will consider one or more of these programs and services as you consider the future of the animal(s) in your care:

Do any of these situations apply to you? If so, please review possible alternatives to giving up your pet. 

I have found an infant kitten or kittens.

For information about what to do when you find infant kittens, please click here


I have found a stray animal.

Angels of Assisi does not accept stray animals from the public. Guardians who have lost their pets need a central location to find them, and that is the local municipal agency (pound). Under state law, stray animals must be held for a mandatory stray period in order to provide guardians adequate time to locate their lost pets. Angels of Assisi must fully utilize all available shelter space to save as many lives as possible. This is best achieved by allowing animal control agencies to perform the function of impounding stray pets as is required of them by law. If you have found a stray pet, please contact the animal control for your locality.


I have feral (non-socialized) cats on my property. 

For information about assistance with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the most humane and effective way to manage the presence of feral cat colonies, please click here


I can’t afford to have my pet spayed or neutered.

For information about low-cost services offered in our Spay/Neuter Clinic, please click here


I can’t afford my pet’s medical care.

For information about our Community Pet Clinic, please click here or call 540-344-8707.


My pet has a behavior issue that I am having trouble managing.

For animal behavior guidance and support, please send an e-mail to our highly-skilled animal behavior specialist at bwiggins@angelsofassisi.org or call 540.344.8707. You may also access online articles that provide assistance with common and more challenging pet behavior issues.


I would like to find a new home for my pet rather than turning him in to a shelter. 

For more information about  free re-homing services and guidance please Adopt-a-Pet’s Rehoming Service and download our Rehome Packet.