For dogs with no previous training, this class helps strengthen basic manners through impulse-control exercises. (For dogs 5 months old & up.) Give pets a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why this class focuses on important impulse-control exercises.

The basic training class focuses on skills such as:

  • Attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Touch
  • Not Jumping
  • Sit for food
  • Recall
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Stay
  • Drop it / Trade it
  • Wait @ door
  • Leave it
  • Shake

Student will only Graduate if they can perform all of these without luring is allowed to use food rewards.


Age requirement: 5 months +


Vaccine requirements: DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies