Pain Removed. Life Improved.

We offer the latest technology in health care for your pet…therapy laser. This FDA-cleared, deep-penetrating light allows relief of pain through the release of endorphins and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate.

When choosing a treatment option for your pet there is now an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The Companion Therapy Laser System™ can provide immediate results without any dangerous side effects. Your pet will receive instant relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, trauma, surgery and chronic everyday disorders.

How does it work?

A relatively new branch of medicine, the Class IV laser delivers a large amount of light energy into the pet’s body. When the light interacts with damaged cells, healing is accelerated and pain is dramatically reduced. As our best friends age, recover from trauma or surgery, or simply need relief from everyday aches and pains, this advanced technology offers: Drug-Free, Surgery-Fee, Pain-Free Relief.

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Lick Granuloma Treatment: $125

1-2 Sites | 6 Treatments: $130

1-2 Sites | 12 Treatments: $230