Are you interested in making a difference in a dog or cat’s life, but you’re unsure or unable to commit long-term? Why not consider our short-term foster program, Remmi’s List?

Studies show that giving a dog or cat a break from the shelter environment for even a short time significantly reduces stress which helps to make them more adoptable in the long run. Remmi’s list is made up of our dogs and cats here at the Angels of Assisi shelter who most need some time out of the kennels. These animals are either senior, long term residents, in need of medical care, in dire need of a mental health break from the shelter, or all of the above. Our staff will even provide training on medication administration for our special needs animals. While the time in our shelter is temporary for all of its residents, Remmi’s list aims to highlight those who could use a vacation the most. If you’re interested in becoming a short-term foster parent to an animal on Remmi’s List, pleas fill out our online foster application. If you have any additional questions, please contact 

Please note: Because it takes cats a bit longer to decompress after relocating, the minimum duration for a Remmi’s List cat is 1 month. Remmi’s List dogs can be fostered for as little as 1 night.


AGE: 1 Year

BREED: Domestic Short Hair

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 4/12/2024

NOTES: Anxious, No Cats, No Dogs

MORE ABOUT BEBE: BeBe is a 1-year-old brown and black tabby who is looking for some space to call his own. BeBe may have a case of nerves, but all this nervous girl needs is a patient and understanding place to roam out of the shelter where she can come out of her shell. Although she’ll be reserved at first, her tender heart is ready to trust the right person. If you’re someone with a compassionate spirit, willing to offer BeBe a safe haven and support, consider welcoming her into your home.


AGE: 5 years

BREED: Pit Bull Mix


HEALTH CONDITIONS: Previous Cancer (Removed), Severe Allergies

NOTES: No Dogs, No Cats

MORE ABOUT RORO: Roro may not hear the world as clearly as she used to, but her heart speaks volumes. She’s a master at communicating with love, and her silence only enhances her charm. Ms. RoRo loves all people – adults, teens, AND children! As long as she can be the center of attention! This sweet girl is looking for a place where she can be the only pet of the house. She yearns to sunbathe in a big back yard and play fetch (AKA keep the ball away from the humans…). Roro faces severe allergies, but she’s a true fighter. With allergy shots and a special diet, she’s ready to conquer whatever challenges come her way.

Iverson (Ivy)

AGE: 3 years

BREED: Pit Bull Mix

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 7/24/2023


NOTES: No Dogs, No Cats

MORE ABOUT IVERSON (IVY): Iverson (AKA Ivy) has maintained a sweet, playful, and curious temperament, despite her rough start to life. Sweet Ivy came to us with severe wounds on her neck and now that she has been nursed back to health, she is ready to find her forever home. In her previous home she was bullied by other dogs, so she is a bit picky when choosing her friends. Ivy wants nothing more than to be your best friend.


AGE: 4 Years

BREED: Pit Bull MIx



NOTES: Anxiety, No Small Children, Good with Calm Dogs

MORE ABOUT AHSOKA: Ahsoka has a name as unique as her spirit. She’s traveled from the sunny shores of Florida to the picturesque landscapes of Virginia, and she’s now ready to embark on a new journey. Ahsoka will thrive in a calm and nurturing environment that provides her with the patience and reassurance she needs, until she comes out of her shell. Ahsoka’s anxiousness in unfamiliar settings is something that can be managed with understanding and care. With a loving and patient family, she can gradually build her confidence and feel more at ease. Ahsoka adores the great outdoors. Long walks, hiking adventures, and the chance to explore nature’s beauty are all she needs to keep her tail wagging. With her gentle spirit and love for outdoor adventures, she’s prepared to be your loyal and loving companion. Together, you’ll create a story filled with new beginnings and heartwarming moments.


AGE: 8 Years

BREED: Great Dane Mix

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 5/10/2024


NOTES: No Cats

MORE ABOUT SHARKBAIT: This lovable senior canine has a heart as big as his size! Despite his name, this gentle giant isn’t scary at all. In fact, he’s as sweet as can be. Sharkbait may be a Great Dane mix, but he firmly believes he’s a lap dog. He’s ready to snuggle up with anyone who will have him. While Sharkbait may not hear as well as he used to, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. He may miss a command here or there, but his enthusiasm more than makes up for it. And who needs words when his eyes speak volumes of love and affection? Sharkbait’s social circle includes some furry friends, though he prefers the company of dogs like him who understand his larger-than-life personality. Unfortunately, he’s not a fan of feline friends, so a cat-free household would be ideal. One thing to note about Sharkbait is his size. He’s a big boy! While he adores children and their boundless energy, he may inadvertently knock over smaller kids in his excitement. But don’t let his size fool you; underneath all that brawn is a gentle soul who just wants to play and be loved. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who’s equal parts goofy and affectionate, Sharkbait might just be the perfect match for you. 


AGE: 9 Years

BREED: Pit Bull Mix

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 12/21/2022


NOTES: Mouthy with Leash & Toys, No Dogs, No Cats, No Small Children

MORE ABOUT FERN: Winston is a big guy with big personality to match. At a whopping 105 pounds, he’s quite the gentle giant who loves a good butt scratch. He’s a social butterfly, and he thrives on human company. Whether it’s going for walks, playing with big stuffed toys and ropes, or simply lounging around, Winston is happiest when he’s with his people. When it’s time for walks, Winston can hardly contain his excitement. He’s been known to mistake his leash for a tug ‘o war opponent! Winston has been diligently working on breaking this habit with our kennel staff, and he’ll need his future family to help continue the hard work.


AGE: 9 Years

BREED: Domestic Short Hair

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 1/18/2024

HEALTH CONDITIONS: Sensitive Tummy, Needs High Fiber Diet

MORE ABOUT JACK:  Jack is a very talkative boy who is so sweet and inquisitive. He does have some minor tummy issues that cause him to be on a special high fiber diet but that doesn’t bother him a bit. He just wants to cuddle and tell you all about his day!


AGE: 8 Years

BREED: Terrier, Pit Bull

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 8/17/2023

NOTES: Anxiety, No Cats, No Dogs, No Kids

MORE ABOUT SKIPPY: Skippy is a wise and gentle soul who is eager to bring tranquility and love into your life. Skippy’s eight years have been marked by a journey filled with life experiences. Despite his years, he still has a lot of love to give and is ready to embark on a new chapter in a loving home. His anxiety is a part of who he is, but it doesn’t diminish his capacity for love and devotion. In a quiet and nurturing environment, he blossoms into the loyal companion. Skippy doesn’t get along with dogs or cats and his ideal home would be one without children, as he thrives in a calm, adult-focused environment. If you’re ready to provide a loving and tranquil home for Skippy, he is more than ready to be your faithful companion. Give Skippy the retirement he deserves and enjoy the serenity of his loving presence. 


AGE: 3 Years

BREED: Hound Mix

DATE OF ARRIVAL: 1/21/2024

NOTES: Dog Selective, No Cats, No Small Children

MORE ABOUT CALVIN: Calvin is one of 15 adult dogs and 27 puppies brought in from freezing temperatures during a hoarding rescue back in January. In the depths of a bitter cold, Calvin and her 41 companions found themselves trapped in a world of neglect, deprived of warmth, sustenance, and the love they so desperately craved. But their story took a remarkable turn when our dedicated team swooped in to offer them a second chance at life. Calvin is a sweet boy who needs a calm home with relaxed dogs and no cats.