We’re Taking it to the Streets!

Block by block, Pets for Life aims to help pet owners in overlooked neighborhoods.

Angels of Assisi was named a “2014 Game Changer” by the Humane Society of the United States and awarded a mentorship to implement the Pets for Life program. The initiative aims to provide veterinary services directly to low-income communities. This program has been very successful in large cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Pets for Life will provide ongoing neighborhood outreach and offer free or very low-cost services including humane education, spay/neuter surgeries, and wellness care. The program is based on the fundamental understanding that where there is human suffering, there is animal suffering. To respond effectively to this, outreach efforts are focused on an audience that has the least access to information about animal wellness. Pets for Life embraces the human component by approaching people in a respectful way and recognizing that people love their pets, no matter what their socioeconomic circumstances or cultural differences may be.

Member One Federal Credit Union has provided tremendous marketing & branding support, and Animal Farm Foundation has awarded a grant to help start the program. We would be unable to provide this vital service without the generosity of the community & the support of our amazing volunteers.

Those interested in helping may donate through our website, or by mailing or visiting us at 415 Campbell Ave Roanoke, VA 24016. Please make a note that your donation should be earmarked for Pets for Life.