Sick Pet Care

Many major problems can be avoided with regular wellness care. However, sometimes pets eat something they shouldn’t or catch a strange sickness unexpectedly.

Always trust your instincts. Noticing that the cat “just isn’t looking at you right,” or that the dog isn’t jumping up to greet you as per usual are some of the first things pet owners report when their animals are sick. Animals can’t communicate in words, but they regularly communicate in body language. Take the worrying and wondering out of the picture by visiting us so we can accurately diagnose the problem and give you the tools to get your pet’s health back on track.

When your pet is not feeling well, our goal is to determine the cause and make them feel better quickly. To facilitate this, we can offer in-house diagnostics such as x-rays and blood work to aid in their diagnosis as well as the ability to send samples to outside labs should specialized testing need to be done.

Low-cost appointments are available 7 days a week. Please call 540-344-8707 or book an appointment online to schedule your pet today!


Office Visit: $35

Ear Infections
Cytology: $20
Cleaning: $15
Aerobic Culture: $90

Eye Infections
Ocular pressure: $15
Eye Stain: $15
Tear test: $15

Urinary Tract Infections
Complete urinalysis: $30
Urine culture: $90

Skin scrape: $20
Skin cytology: $20
Aerobic culture: $90

Heartworm Treatment
Varies on size

C- Section
Abscess and wound repair
Mass removal
Ear hematoma

$70 two view


Other procedures are available, please call 540-344-8707