At the heart of all we do, our primary goal at Angels of Assisi is centered around home. We want to find loving homes for animals in our care, and to keep existing families together by providing financial and medical solutions for pets in need. This year during GIVE Roanoke, we are asking our hometown community to help us continue to keep animals off the streets and safe in caring homes.
Your contributions will benefit efforts such as our recent Monroe County rescue where 16 dogs and 19 puppies were saved from harsh outside January weather conditions. These dogs were given a second chance at life and finding a warm home full of love where they can spend their days. Upon arrival, the dogs were all spayed and neutered to prevent their numbers from growing any further. One of the dogs, Sunny had a twisted leg from a birth defect. For 7 years, she managed her mobility with a heavy, dangling, unusable leg. After the rescue our surgical team removed the cumbersome leg so when Sunny finds her home, she can run and play without burden. Since their rescue, 19 of the dogs have found their forever homes. The remaining adult dogs go out in our shelter play yard in large groups as they are social and used to playing together.

Your donations will help animals like Sunny and her rescuemates get the rehabilitation and medical care they so desperately need to finally find the right home. Please consider making a contribution on April 24th for GIVE Roanoke by visiting: