The Biscuit Fund ensures that animals seized in cruelty cases are provided the best medical care and diagnoses available, a safe haven for rehabilitation, and expert medical staff on hand to testify in court to prevent neglect and cruelty from happening to another animal. Angels of Assisi assists with many of these cases from Botetourt County and surrounding areas.

The Biscuit Fund was created by Jill Deegan in honor of two beloved Beagles, Scout and Frost Biscuits. Scout and Frost were found in a ditch, at about eight weeks old, with hideous secondary infections due to untreated Demodectic Mange. Frost, especially, had very little skin on her legs or head due to the length of time they had gone without treatment. Their yeast infections were so rampant that everything they touched smelled like ‘biscuits’ and they became affectionately called the ‘Biscuits.’ Even though they know their own names, they readily come running when we call for ‘the biscuits.’


These little dogs suffered through weeks of daily baths, as many as four or five baths a day during the first weeks, in an attempt to limit the infection and to make them more comfortable. They were on antibiotics and anti-fungals for three to four months after they were rescued. They were also on Ivermectin to treat the mange during that period of time.

The ‘Biscuits’ are another example of how a chain of people, one at a time, can make a huge difference if each does one thing. A Good Samaritan found them and took them to a vet clinic, animal control was called but were busy so they called someone else who could transport them to Angels of Assisi. They needed intensive care over the weekend and Jill stepped forward to foster them while they were being treated. They could have easily had a horrible ending if any one of those people had not taken the time to help them. As soon as they were healthy enough, Scout was adopted into a home with other rescued pets, and Jill adopted Frost.

Today they are funny, playful, loving, sweet and everything little dogs should be. They have brought a lot of joy in to the lives of the people who know them, even the people who know them peripherally.

Jill and other kind volunteers wanted to give something back to Angels of Assisi and have it designated for special cases like the ‘Biscuits’. They know what prolonged and intensive care can cost: establishing the Biscuit Fund allows everyone in the community to play a part for those who have no voice.

Thank you from all of us who were involved with the ‘Biscuit’ rescue!